Natalia Grol

Legal Department Du kan kontakta mig på följande språk: Engelska Spanska Polska +34 652 39 73 36

Om Natalia

Hello, I'm Natalia! I work as a paralegal and aftersales assistant at SkandiaMäklarna in Costa del Sol. My professional journey has taken me from my roots in Poland to the sun-kissed landscapes of Spain.

Having grown up and studied in Poland, my life took a captivating turn during my university days. A stroke of luck and good marks landed me a scholarship in the vibrant south of Spain, and for nine transformative months, I called Almería home.
The Spanish lifestyle cast its spell on me, prompting a life-changing decision in 2012 to make this sunny place my permanent residence, shortly after completing my studies in International Tourism back in Poland.

For nearly eight years, I found my professional rhythm in the luxurious world of Marbella's hotels and restaurants. From reception to reservation and guest relations, each role added a unique chapter to my story. Then, in 2021, an opportunity to transition to a new industry presented itself. Without a moment's hesitation, I embraced the challenge and embarked on a journey into the administration and law department of the real estate sector. This career shift quickly became more than just a job; it unfolded as a new chapter in my life, complete with exciting challenges and goals.

Outside of work, I find joy in moments shared with friends and family, long hikes with my dog, and practicing yoga.

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