Our terms and conditions

Welcome to our website. We, SkandiaMäklarna AB (556449-6130 – "SkandiaMäklarna" or "we"), want to give you as a user of our website a good experience, therefore you as a user also need to respect our terms and conditions. In the terms of use below, we inform you about how you may use our website and the services we offer via the web. Users also refer to automated tools that engage in, for example, spidering or crawling. These Terms may be updated without notice to you. If you wish to do anything more than browse our website, you should read the terms and conditions carefully and check what is written on this page regularly. The services offered through our website are not offered unconditionally. If we determine that a service is not beneficial to you or if we would be in breach of legislation, practice, good brokerage practice or other rules of conduct by providing the service to you, we will not offer it. One such example may be that we suspect that our services will be used to launder money. We do not need to disclose why a service is not provided, because we may be required by law not to disclose it.

Permitted use

If you are visiting our website as a private individual to look for a home, you do not need to think about our terms and conditions. You can save information to read later, share links to our housing ads with loved ones, post links in social media, etc.

Prohibited uses

You are not allowed to do the following without first obtaining our permission:

  • You may not use content from our website for commercial purposes.
  • You may not copy large amounts of content from our website and store it digitally, even if you do not distribute the content.
  • You must not post copies of content from our site on any other website.
  • You are not allowed to index the content on our website and, based on this, automatically generate links on any other website (so-called spidering or crawling).
  • You may not link content from our website into a frame system, pop-up window or other hotlinking.
  • You may not link to our content on a large scale or in a commercial context. Other things that the Copyright Act requires approval of.


Our website and the database on which it is based are protected by copyright law. This protection means that it is forbidden to make copies of all or part of the content on our website and/or make it available to the public without permission from us, for example on another website. The appearance and layout of the website, as well as original texts and artistic images on www.skandiamaklarna.se may be protected as literary or artistic works under the Copyright Act. All photographs, whether artistic or not, are protected by copyright law. These works and photographs are also prohibited from making copies of the work or photograph and/or making it available to the public without the permission of the copyright holder, for example on another website. However, as an individual user, you can, for your own use, make and make available single copies of what is on our website, e.g. copy something to be able to save and read at a later time. Any unauthorised use will result in liability for damages. If you intentionally or through gross negligence break the law, you can be punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to two years and be ordered to pay damages. What we allow you as a user to do based on the Copyright Act without you having to ask us is stated under the heading "Permitted use".


According to the Marketing Act, marketing must be in accordance with good marketing practice. Using someone else's ads for your own marketing is not in accordance with good marketing practice.

Applicable law

Interpretation and application of our Terms of Use shall be in accordance with Swedish law. If you have any questions about the Terms of Use, please feel free to contact us.


Responsible for SkandiaMäklarna's website and services is SkandiaMäklarna AB (Org.nr: 556449-6130).
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