Selling property in Portugal

When selling a home in Portugal, it is important to know that the process is different compared to Sweden and that it often takes a little longer.

Selling property in Portugal

When selling a property in Portugal, it's important to be aware that the selling process may differ from other countries. SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate assists you throughout the entire selling process.  

Responsibilities as a seller

  As a seller, you must provide documentation about the property, such as proof of ownership, possession certificates, information about property tax, association fees, etc. You are also obligated to have an updated and valid energy performance certificate for the property before the sale. This certificate must be handed over to the buyer during the sale. SkandiaMäklarna Portugal can recommend verified partners who perform energy performance certificates.

How is my property valued?

 Before your property is listed for sale, an assessment of its value is conducted. Our real estate agents analyze the market conditions in the area, present comparable sales, and provide information on what is currently for sale in the vicinity. With a thorough valuation, we can collaboratively set the right price to optimize your sale. Our agents can also offer advice on how to enhance your property to maximize the chances of achieving the best final price. Contact SkandiaMäklarna for a valuation meeting to get an assessment of the value of your property. We have access to a wide range of information and possess good reference prices in most areas where we operate.  

Financial Considerations  

What is the actual operating cost of the property you want to sell? What are the future repair needs and their associated costs? Prospective buyers will want to factor these into their own price perception. We assist you with these calculations.



Before the selling process begins, a commission agreement is signed between you and the real estate agent. The agreement outlines the terms of the sales assignment.

Property Presentation

Through attractive housing presentations, we create the best conditions to attract the right buyers to your property. Our experienced agents know what is essential to generate interest from potential buyers. Inspiring and high quality pictures and videos of the property are often crucial to create interest among buyers in a competitive housing market, and it is of great importance to get visibility at the right international marketplaces. Our agents also provide expert advice when it comes to both styling and marketing, in order for the property to achieve the best visual appeal to potential buyers. Schedule a meeting with one of our agents to get more information on how to optimize your listing for the best final price in a sale.



Once you, as the seller, have reached an agreement with the buyer, a purchase contract, a so-called Promissory Contract (CPCV), is signed. The contract specifies the price and the access date. When the contract is signed, the buyer pays a down payment, often 10% of the purchase price, as a partial payment of the final payment. On the day of access, the remaining final payment is made, and a final purchase contract is signed.


The notary receives the payment and is responsible for settling accrued taxes and fees, as well as distributing the final payment to you. You or your legal representative hand over the keys to the buyer, who can take possession of the property after the meeting.

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