Buying a property in Portugal

SkandiaMäklarna can offer you all the experience needed to make you feel comfortable and secure in your property transaction.

Buying a property in Portugal

Buying a property in Portugal may differ from purchasing a property in your home country. At SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate, we provide you with all the expertise needed to make you feel comfortable and secure in your real estate transaction. We assist you in finding your dream home and will guide you through the financial and legal aspects that may arise.  

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If you've found a property you'd like to explore further, contact your nearest office in Portugal to schedule a viewing; either in person or digitally. During the viewing, we offer you the opportunity to inspect the properties you are interested in while getting acquainted with the area. Our agents are happy to share information about the best local gems; such as beaches, restaurants, grocery shops, hospitals, golf and padel courts.

Property Prices

The price of our Portuguese homes is a fixed amount accepted by the seller. In Portugal, bidding is uncommon, and instead, the final price is often agreed after negotiation.

Additional costs

When buying a home in Portugal, additional costs beyond the purchase price should be considered. Generally, you should anticipate an addition of approximately 5-9% to the purchase price, depending on the property's value.


Stamp duty: 0,8%

Transaction tax: 1-7,5% depending on the purchase price.

Consult your real estate agent to determine the specific taxes applicable in your case.

Notary and Registration Costs

The buyer is responsible for the notary's fee when exchanging purchase contracts. Registering the new owner in the property registry incurs additional costs, typically ranging from 600-800 Euros. The actual cost may vary due to various factors.

Connection fees

Upon occupancy, connection fees and/or charges for changing subscriptions for water, sewage, electricity, and potentially gas may apply.

The purchase process

Once you, the seller, and the agent reach an agreement, a purchase contract, known as a Promissory Contract (CPCV), is drawn up, specifying the price and the access date. At this stage, you also pay a down payment, usually 10% of the purchase price, as proof that you will complete the transaction.

Many of our properties offer quick occupancy, but typically, your preparations, such as financing and obtaining a NIF number, may result in occupancy occurring 1-4 months after both parties’ contract signing. On the day of occupancy, the final purchase contract is signed, the remaining balance is paid, and you receive the keys to move in.

If you have more questions before buying a home in Portugal, feel free to contact us for further information.

NIF number

To own a property in Portugal, you need a Portuguese tax identification number, known as a NIF number. Only with this number can you open a bank account and sign the deed. You can apply for a NIF number through the Portuguese Tax Authority. The process is usually quick, and we can assist you with suitable contacts.

Deed Registration

The deed is registered in the property registry, which occurs during the final payment. Once the property is registered, and all taxes and fees are paid, you receive the deed along with the registration certificate.

Notary Public

A notary public, an officially appointed lawyer, verifies the parties' identities but does not inspect the property's condition. As the buyer, you are responsible for inspecting the property before signing the purchase contract. In Portugal, the purchase of used properties is based on their "existing condition." The notary informs about any property debts and ensures that the payment to the seller complies with Portuguese law. The notary also verifies that the seller has received their funds before signing. Additionally, the notary prepares the purchase agreement, which forms the basis for your deed application.

Due Diligence

As the buyer, you are responsible for a thorough examination of the property before signing the purchase contract. Alternatively, any deviations from this condition should be stipulated in the purchase contract. SkandiaMäklarna Portugal can recommend independent inspectors if needed.

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